The ice is almost out

and the our best-laid Labrador plans are just about complete.  The 2008 season is banging on our door and we leave soon for camp.  This will be our eleventh season in the Labrador bush, each one very different – all of them full of promise and adventure.  If you’re joining us this summer, you should know that we’re ready and able and anticipating another year of big, healthy, native, throbbing brook trout at the business end of our fly lines.  Now don’t wait ’til the last minute to get your gear out, clean your reels and lines, and take it out for some practice before you board your plane.  Coming prepared always gets you off to a better start on your week.

With the spreading problem of invasive species, many of them spore-born and hiding in wading boots, we ask that our guests please disinfect your wading gear by soaking it in a 4% solution of bleach and water before coming to camp.  If you forget or are unable to do so, we will treat your gear after you arrive in camp and before you enter our waters.

 If you are not joining us this summer, you may be interested to know that we have four spots remaining, two in July and two in August.  If you are interested, please call soon as we leave for Labrador the first of June.

 I wish you all a great fishing season, hope your home waters are kind and healthy, and may any trips to your fantasy waters prove to be all you dreamed of. 

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