2009 “In the Books”

Well we’ve just returned from Labrador and closing the camps after our twelfth season. It was a great year though somewhat shortened by cancellations last winter during the economic meltdown.  We had eight weeks of fishing instead of our usual ten weeks and the weather, water and fishing gods were all very accommodating.  We had a rather rainy and cool summer that kept water levels perfect and water temperatures even better.  Most memorable about this season past is the wonderful angler-folk who spent a week or two with us.  It may have been the happiest season we’ve ever had.  Guests from all over seemed to be in great spirits and many spent their evenings in the dining lodge playing cards, tying at the vise or just talking fishing and other such nonsense.  Our guide Jordan Locke returned this year after a two year hiatus trying to squeeze oil out of sand in Alberta. His humor, singing and guitar strumming made for festive evenings.

The fisheries people in St. John’s have been after us for several years to do some research on our waters.  They came in this summer and started a fish tagging program that yielded some very valuable information about the movement of our brook trout and their growth rates.  As we suspected, the brookies move often and long distances throughout the summer.  More astounding is that we captured several fish that had gained a pound and a half in just four or five weeks.  The rule of thumb for Labrador brookies is a growth rate of about a pound per year.  Our brookies are growing much faster than that – at least the did this season.

We are planning several changes to our program for 2010. We will be offering specialty weeks for northern pike and lake trout at rates substantially lower cost than our standard fly fishing package.  Because these big fish dwell in the flat water of the lakes and broad reaches of the river, fly-outs will not be necessary nor a part of the package.   All the details of changes will be in a special edition of our newsletter that you should receive by the end of 2010.  If you do not receive our newsletter, just go to our web site and click the “reservations” page and send your name and mailing address.  In the “comments” box, just write a note to add you to our mailing list.

I will be attending several fly fishing shows again this winter and we will have a list of those shows and dates here as soon as possible.  We’d love for you to come by the booth for a visit if we are in your area. Have a wonderful fall season with rod, gun or bow and stay safe out there.

Best regards from all of us, Robin Reeve

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