He came in through the bathroom window

We had an unexpected visitor at the 5th Rapids camp this summer.  Here he is making his escape through the bathroom window.  For those of you who have been in that bathroom, you know how small the window is.  But a 400 lb. bear went in and then back out of it.  I guess bears are like rats – if they can get their head in, they can get their whole body in!!!

Anyway, will post more pics about the incident soon as well as how it ended for Mr. Bear.  Can you guess?

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3 Responses to He came in through the bathroom window

  1. ameliareeve says:

    Was that bear actually coming out of the bathroom window? Which camp is that?

  2. Pat Riffie says:

    I’m guessing he ate a couple of slugs for dinner.

  3. well how you doiny this year me and my son will try next year he will be done in fish boilogy at collede excuse my speeliny send so new pic i enjoy them i got three brookies in stream 17 and 18 inchers your freind old brookie bill hope to see you next year bye bill thompson

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