The “Trappers’ Tilt” – Addition to the Dining Lodge

The tilt with her new bridge

Thirteen years ago, two old fellows from Maine insisted that we needed a sitting room off the dining lodge and they spent two weeks digging the footings and gathering rocks for the chimney you see in the picture above. In 2008, eleven years later, John the master mason, Dave his assistant, and Matt the masons’ tender completed the work.  The logs on either side went up over a two season period and last June we put the finishing touches on the interior.  Dave laid a red pine floor and we took out a window and made a doorway.  Then we moved in the bit of furniture we had, hung C. D. Clarke’s watercolor of Rick’s Run above the mantle, and the thirteen year project was complete (well, at least useable.  No TRL project is ever truly ‘complete’!)

moving in

In days gone, men who trapped the Labrador moved over the frozen land afoot tending their traps.  They pushed a sled that bore the weight of their gear and furs.  In strategic places, these trappers built small huts, really not much more than a few spruce logs and perhaps some hand-split planks. They chinked the cracks with moss and pitched the roof to shed the snow and water and called these temporary shelters ’tilts’. So in that tradition, amidst the spruce logs, we have christened our little rustic addition “The Tilt”.

The fireplace, a Count Rumford design, kicks out a lot of heat, especially burning dry spruce and tamarack.  We’ll add a bit more furniture and a card table for 2011 and look forward to those cool, rainy evenings when we have an excuse to light the fire.

The "Tilt", seen from the water through the trees

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