TRL Womenfolk

Frances, Darlene and Dorothy

We’re often asked “Why should I come to Three Rivers Lodge?”  Well, here are the three top reasons.  The fourth best reason is not in the picture, mostly because she is in town taking care of all the little duties that make the camps run smoothly.  Frances and Dorothy (Dot) are sisters and Darlene and Dawn (not pictured here) are twin sisters and the nieces of Frances and Dot.  (Yes, it’s a family affair.)

So here’s the news: All four of these ladies are leaving for Cuba this coming Friday. Want to know why?  Darlene is getting married there next week! In Cuba! And no, not to Fidel’s grandson – to Donald!

Congratulations to Darlene and Donald!

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2 Responses to TRL Womenfolk

  1. bill thomson says:

    robin that was really neat yourold freind brookie bill thompson later more fish pics pls thanks bye for now bill old billl

    • Robin Reeve says:

      Hi Bill, glad you like the new pictures and stories on our web log. I’ll keep them coming through the fall and winter until June drives me back to Labrador for the summer.
      Thank you for your notes. Robin

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