Proceed Carefully; Slippery When Wet

We’ve all learned through the years that careful handling of beautiful, rare fish after they are caught is one of the most effective ways to preserve fisheries. Yet when we catch a trophy and especially when we’ve gone a long way to do it, well we rightfully want a good picture to capture the event.  Maybe even several pictures. Three Rivers guides know how to handle big brookies. Most of our traveling anglers know how to handle them as well. But in the excitement of the moment, we all do things more from exuberance than from experience.

Big Stogie

Harold and his guide are spot on with their handling of this brookie . They have left the trout in the net until the camera is ready. Then gently, Harold lifts the trout and his guide snaps the picture. The fish goes back into the net and is released. The brookie below is also getting the good treatment. If he flips, he is only inches from the water.

Two Feet of Camo

But as we said, there are times when all of us loose our good judgment and try to get that big brookie a little too high and close to our faces. And when we least expect it, that strong muscle twists and that slippery body comes right out of our grip.


Randy Moss

About Face

Slight of Hands

Sitting on a Rock Waving a Fish


All of these fish fell into the water and headed for cover. No harm, no foul. It’s really difficult to restrain jubilance after battling one of these powerful trout. And all of us, guides and anglers alike, sometimes get our trophies a bit too far from their preferred environment.

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  1. robin i cant get enough i been trappiny but to much snowbobcats martin fisher i enjoyed the pics looke like a blast your oldfreind trapper more pls bye robin takecare snow really deep here liviny off venisen haaaaaaaaaaaaa later old bill

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