Will This Be *THE* Year

2011!  Hard to believe another year has passed. The coming summer will be our number fourteen season in Labrador. I think it goes without mentioning that we’d love to have each of you up for a visit. That’s kind of why we’re up there – to take anglers fishing on the rivers in the unbounded boreal forest. If you haven’t heard, there’s lots of good pocket water to be found there.

Pocket Water

During the holidays when families and friends are together, typically lots of fishing trip planning gets bantered about.  So as you might expect, we’re booking pretty solidly right now. July month is almost filled, though there are still a couple of spots here and there through the month. Our week number 1 (late June) has some openings. That is unusual, but our ‘regular’ June group is coming later in the season this year (family commitments, I believe). And we still have some lovely spots open in August.

So if you think you’d like spend a day or two on the water with each of these guys,

Gee whiz, they're a rowdy bunch

and fish a week’s worth of pocket water for ‘decent-sized’ brookies, give us a call and we’ll fit you in for 2011.  After all, as my friend Bill often says, “The bus is rollin’, son. Better hop on.”

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