Bug Antenna

Quentin Langdon loves to fish.  Mostly, he loves to fly fish – and he’s damn good at it. Don’t be seduced into a distance or accuracy casting contest with Mr. Langdon, even though he may solicit your participation convincingly. It’s a lose/lose situation. But hey, fishing ain’t competitive – it’s just fun.  And spending a day on the water with Quentin is great fun.

He’s a brook trout magnet with the eyes of an osprey.  His long, agile stride covers meters of river effortlessly.  First upstream, then down, all the while peering deep into the current for likely scarlet targets.  You just don’t expect your guide to be having this much fun!

Two Grins and a Buck

Two Grins and a Hen

Quentin has all the characteristics of a seasoned guide even though he is still in his twenties. His skills justify the supreme confidence you’ll detect when probing with him the deep pockets of the Woods River system. He is tireless, alert and handles small water craft with care and skill. Oh, he’ll break a propellor or two each season in the boney shallows, but that is small price to pay for Quentin’s successes.

A good guide often has to touch things a sport may not want to.

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