Guiding – The World According to Jordan

“I wants to get better at ev’ry part o’ dis business. And I wants to do it me whole life.” Jordan’s Newfie accent betrays his origins, but his zeal is fundamental and a true hint of your week to come. A day on the water with him is awe-inspiring, literally.  How so? Well, Jordan is never short on opinions and advice despite the brevity of his twenty-odd years. Especially when the topic is the natural world and in particular, when conversation centers around how to catch a big ol’ brook trout. He wants it even worse than you do (to catch trout, that is). And he’s spot on with his battle assessment and attack plan.

a word from the wise

Jordan spent a lot of his youth hanging out with old-timers,  listening to their yarns, imitating the cadence of their stories and absorbing the cock-sure confidence that comes from a wealth of experiences – those you’ve lived and those that you’ve only heard told. Some say that he is an old man in a young man’s body. Through the years, this self-confidence has slowly morphed from fresh quips into a kind of refreshing, enlightening woods wisdom. Enjoyable, and if you want fish, listen up.

"not over there, over here b'y"

Can’t say as I remember Jordan ever shying away from a challenge. If there’s building to do, he’s off down the lake to harvest the timbers;  a mess made, he’s willing to clean; a wood floor to be finished, or flies to be tied, Jordan pitches in with a couple of well-worn helping hands.

Jordan peeling logs with Uncle Ned

But the life of the fishing guide is where Jordan seeks his identity. Every day, and I truly mean every day, Jordan returns to camp with tales of new experiences – angling mistakes made, catching lessons learned; a new bird species or method of retrieving a streamer; a new feeder stream or a place where the pike are as long as Shaq’s leg; his days are filled with discoveries! And during evening time, he’s at the vise tying those patterns that were working so well that afternoon. His flies are beautifully crafted and well thought-out. After his two-year hiatus away from TRL, Jordan called me during the winter before the season he was to return and asked if we could fill his list of fly tying materials.  The sundries were ordered and shipped to his home on the Island. Jordan showed up in camp a month later with almost 1,000 flies.  He continued to tie throughout that summer and brought even more patterns the following summer.  And the best thing about his flies? They catch fish.

CD's Big Brookie

While most guests remember Jordan for the days a-stream and the big trophy brook trout, his personality is delivered by the end-of-the-week, Thursday night hootenanny. Jordan brings his guitar, a few Black Horse beers and an amazing ability to entertain up to the dining lodge where he sings favorite songs and does a hilarious “stand-up” routine. Prepare yourself for fist-pounding and stomach cramps. This Newfie dude is funny!

'I hear that train a-coming"

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  1. robin that was real good sounds like a nice guy nice pics its been a long winter sendsome more old bill your freind

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