TRL Newsletters

We recently began sending our emails electronically and the response has been really terrific. Some of you, however, received the newsletter in a fragmented condition.  This happens for several reasons (all of which are beyond my level of understanding), but you can always find the newsletter in its proper format here.

I appreciate each of you who are interested in Labrador and/or our fishing camps there. Please contact me if you have any questions about Labrador fly fishing. And also remember that you can leave a message or comment here on the fishing log.

Here’s a picture – really just so this post has one!

Guide George Elson and Leonidas Hubbard - 'On the Labrador' in 1903

OK, one more – this is one of the camp dogs, Bear, diving for fish from the float plane’s pontoon.

My Buddy Bear

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3 Responses to TRL Newsletters

  1. robin how things goiny thats a neat pic love yourposts send more your old freind trapper bill thompson

  2. P. Ryan says:

    “The Lure of the Labrador Wild” the adventures of Wallace, Hubbard and Elson as they explore the back country of Labrador. A great read, especially for anyone traveling to Labrador.

    • Robin Reeve says:

      Thanks Mr. Ryan for reminding me to support this great adventure book from over 100 years ago. I will soon post a short review of Labrador adventure books taken from an older newsletter. There are several terrific Labrador stories and story tellers from the early part of last century. Will you be joining Bill, Greg and crew in camp this summer?

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