Here’s the Beef – No More Gray Mornings!

Yes, I said the BEEF, and I have a big one and cannot hold it in any longer. Since noon today, 269 of you folks (mostly fly fishers, I assume) have visited this site. Same thing, my son, same thing – day in and day out. Yet only old Trapper Bill ever sees fit to leave a comment on one of the posts.  Now I know you folks have some thoughts or reactions to the little vignettes I scribble here, so let me hear them!  Let me have it if you disapprove, or disagree, or are just sick of wading through the BS.  Whatever!  Surely there are some questions about Labrador out there.  I may not have the answer, but I can certainly steer you towards it.

As my old buddy JT once said, ‘Make me angry, or just make me cry. But no more gray mornings, I think I’d rather die.’

(And since every post deserves a picture, here is another view of crystal Labrador waters.)

"Solitude Without Loneliness"

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5 Responses to Here’s the Beef – No More Gray Mornings!

  1. Jan Puibello says:

    Robin…your posts are great, stories refreshing and photos beautiful! I will no longer just be a voyeur!

    • Robin Reeve says:

      Thank you, Jan, for your totally unsolicited reply ;+) Perhaps you have started the ball rolling for conversation here. And we can’t wait to see you in camp this July.

  2. Kathy Scott says:

    Hey, Robin!

    Worst and best thing about writing, grin…you have no idea what readers are thinking.

    Although, in your case, it’s probably something eloquent like….wow.


    • Robin Reeve says:

      Well Kat, nice to hear from you. And a writing compliment from you is very satisfying. I have loved your books through the years and your new title, “Brook Trout Forest” is so worthwhile. It is a comfort to read that ‘the good life’, which you share so freely, is being lived out there – somewhere in the foothills of Maine.

      It was rather silly of me to lash out at my readers like I did. No doubt it came from the bit of frustration I suffer after reading other blogs with nice, two-way conversations. Truth be told, I am just very satisfied that so many folks tune in here to read about my piece of heaven.

  3. robin when areyou oiny to camp i was up the northshore landed one legal steel head nice fish about 4 lbs goodfighterstriatened my hook keep a tight line your old pal bill trapper they delisted the wolves here inminn will see later stat dry

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