“The Lure of the Labrador Wild”

Having recently posted the antique picture below of L. Hubbard and his guide Elson running a rapids, I got to thinking about how exciting I found this book that details their adventure, how alluring and evocative. Here is Wallace’s thoughts on their first night out:

The real work of the trip was now to begin, the hard portaging, the trail finding and trail making, and we were to break the seal of a land that had, through the ages, held its secret from all the world, excepting the red man. This is what we were thinking of when we gathered around our camp fire that evening, and filled and lighted our pipes and puffed silently while we watched the newborn stars of evening come into being one by one until the arch of heaven was aglow with the splendor of a Labrador night. And when we at length went to our bed of spruce boughs it was to dream of strange scenes and new worlds that we were to conquer.

Dillon Wallace, Lure of the Labrador Wild, 1905


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  1. robin imgoiny to get that book thanks your old pal trapperbilll thesun will shine agian its snowiny here shit look up albert johnson the mad trapper its true he my hero later old bill

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