Robins’ Return

June 30, 2011:  The robins returned today.  This peninsula in a northern lake must have something good going for it (‘aviarily’ speaking) because two pair of robins showed up this year.  I’m thinking these birds must be a new generation because the males are a bit larger than the fellow who has been here for so many years past.  And the four of them are spending lots of energy checking out the entire peninsula – every perch and clearing, even the alders along the lakeside.  Their exuberance is annoying to the two resident Canada jays and incites the occasional spat.

camp robber

The robin pair that has spent so many summers with us habitually fed in the clearing in front of the Winter Camp.  Grubs, probably.  No worms this far north. They had favorite spots for nesting – secret, hidden boughs for their rearing nests and conspicuous trees for the diversionary nests.  They preferred tamarack to black spruce.

robins in the bonsai

marking forage

This year’s robins have shown no preference for those old, familiar spots. And they haven’t been seen in front of the Winter Camp either. So I must wonder if the old ma and pa have passed on, absorbed by nature’s cycles.

here to stay are the new birds

On second thought, perhaps they were just weary of the long flight to this old north woods home and are spending their golden years down south, perched on a dogwood bough in the sweet pine woods of north Georgia.


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  1. robin this is old bill trapper thomson were re the big brookies good luck send me some pics off bigfish later your old freind my birthday today im 64 hope tofish wth you some day later your freind old bill

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