Railings or Eight Pounders? – A 2011 Report

Which would you rather hear about, the new railings on the log addition or the plethora of eight-pound-plus brookies netted so far this summer?  Probably the brookies. But you’ll have to wait for pictures until late August when I return from camp.

Dave's Railings

That leaves the railings.  TRL Friend extraordinaire Dave D. from Melrose, MA again came up early in the season for what we call ‘work week’.  Dave has had his hands (literally) in so many of the projects that make Three Rivers Lodge a neat place – the chimney and fireplace in the “Tilt” (the log addition to the dining lodge); the floor, panelling, roofing, etc. of the Tilt; boardwalks, finish woodwork, etc., etc.  This June, one of Dave’s projects was adding railings to the front porch of the Tilt.  His handiwork produced not just your average railings, you see.  These rails were selected from twisted tamarack trees grown in the local woods. The green wood will dry through the summer, then be sanded smooth and sealed to match the adjacent logs.

The Tilt Porch

And a word about those eight pounders.  Well, they have been plentiful and with the guides carrying digital scales these days, these big brookies are not born of excited imaginations. It looks like 2011 will actually exceed 2010, a year that was our best “catching” season in thirteen summers.  I’ll try not to sound boastful, but there is no doubt in my mind that our drainage system is the finest brook trout river in the world – that would be the whole, wide world.

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3 Responses to Railings or Eight Pounders? – A 2011 Report

  1. robin neat cabin well looks like you been haviny some good fishiny i cant wait till you send me pics thanks your old freind bill thompson

  2. Kathy Scott says:

    Railings look good (and the brook trout, well, what can I say??? Didn’t think it could get any better!) Nice photos…

  3. Robin Reeve says:

    Hi Kat – thanks! You know you’d look good sittin’ on those steps w/ a glass of wine!
    If you’re still travellin’, be safe. If not, welcome home.

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