Pictures Heretofore Unseen

Something really unexpected happened this past summer.  Ann and Brad Taylor came up for a week of fly fishing.  They are an interesting, outdoors-loving couple who live adventurous lives, particularly enjoying travel to remote, unsullied places.  Their first day in camp, I saw that Ann was carrying a nice camera and could sense she was quite comfortable with it.  What I didn’t know (but was to find out later) was that she has an artist’s eye!

Ann, Brad and guide Quentin Venture Out from the 5th Rapids Outpost Camp

Early this month, the morning after Ann’s DVD arrived in the mail, I got up at 5 am, made a pot of Matt’s Coffee, and slid in to my computer’s driver’s seat, ready for yet another typical visual adventure from a Labrador summer past. But what downloaded was over 600 truly amazing shots of the Taylor’s trip, photographs the likes of which I have never seen before. Now I get photos from dozens of guests each season. I even take a few myself. And because folks typically send their best few shots, many of the pictures are beautiful. All are deeply appreciated. Most feature, as you would expect, big fish and wild rivers with the occasional sunset thrown in.

Ann in the Boreal Forest

Ann’s pictures were inspirational.  As I screened them, I would often get to feeling a bit manic, quickly clicking to the next frame, and then the next, only to hit the back button thinking ‘Whoa, did I really see that?” Digesting Ann’s catalogue, dozens of future stories rushed through my head – the long road from Baie Comeau to Labrador City, wildflowers of Labrador, savage pike attacks, waterfowl, anatomy of the boreal forest – and on and on. (OK, big bright brook trout, too!) The pictures would tell the stories – I would just have to add a bit of BS here and there.

The Long and Winding (Baie Comeau) Road


Bright Reward

So with their blessing, the Taylor’s pictures will add depth to our web site as we do our typical re-build each fall.  They will help describe tales of Labrador on this fishing log and bring witness, adventure and understanding to all who visit here.

Thank you, Brad and Ann, for your patronage and the beautiful visual chronicle.

Team Taylor

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2 Responses to Pictures Heretofore Unseen

  1. Tim says:

    Great pictures Ann!!!

    Robin, when are you going to share all those pictures of the eight pounders that you promised? I’m waiting…..

  2. well robin looks like you had agoodyear i surewant come up there pls send some more big brookie pics i got a 17 the other day maale season over in two day mightgo today later your old freeind old trapper ill ill be waitiny thanks

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