West Slope Cutthroats and Such

Riding the roads, hiking the trails in Glacier National Park was stirring, especially for those whose eyes are always alert for rivers. On the west side of the park, we crossed the north fork of the Flathead River and despite the rainy/snowy weather, Molly and I could not resist casting our lines in the pool below a long, bubbly rapid.  In moments, Molly was into fish and lost one after another as I tried to figure out what kind of fish she was hooking.  Finally she got one near her feet and we saw the colorful slice under its jaw.  I stepped downstream and on my first cast, hooked and landed my first west slope cutthroat.

Just a Small Fry, but Beautiful

A Welcome First

Molly at Play

We played around Glacier for a few days, then struck out south for Idaho.  Our fishing adventures there are really too numerous to detail here, but here are some of the highlights.

South Fork of the Payette

Valley Creek in Teton Valley

Hemingway's Choice, Silver Spring

Hemingway spent his later years in Ketchum, ID and loved Silver Spring for its excellent duck hunting and huge but impossibly skittish browns and rainbows.

Next installment, a stroll through Yellowstone.  And then we’ll get back to Labrador and brook trout.

Thanks for following along.


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