New Fly Fishing Package for 2012

For this upcoming season, TRL is offering a new fly fishing ‘package’ that differs from our usual format in only two ways:  we are not including any fly-outs in the week-long adventure and we are reducing the package cost by the appropriate savings that we derive from the absence of our float plane. Our “prime season” package cost is $5,500.  The new “late season” package cost is $4,150.

Here’s why we have created this new package:

At TRL, our guests have the opportunity to access a lot of trout holding water. From its fishable headwaters down to the Smallwood Reservoir into which it flows, the Woods River system is about 125 miles of riffles, runs and rapids, interrupted here and there by broad, flat reaches and lakes. The river includes three main feeder rivers (from where we get our name), fifteen major rapids and hundreds of smaller streams that drain the surrounding rolling hills. Brook trout inhabit the moving waters.  Northern pike and lake trout live in the flat waters.

Capture the Moment

Ice-out in our part of Labrador usually occurs around the 10th of June.  The staff flies in the day after and begins the annual task of preparing the camps for the new season. Our first guest week is the last week of June.  From this week through the middle of August, the brook trout are feeding from the top of the river to the reservoir. We use the float plane to fly guests to the lower river, middle river and even up into the headwaters of the system. By mid-August, the brook trout are migrating up the river for their September spawn.  Hence, the lower and middle river areas are pretty much emptied of brookies and no longer offer prime fishing opportunities.

The headwaters of the system are all accessible by boat. As the trout compress into these headwater spawning flows, there is no longer the need to fly the long runs down river. So we send the float plane back to town and use our many motorized boats and freighter canoes for this late August-early September period. And, of course, pass the savings on to our guests.

Late season brook trout are beautiful. The males have kyped jaws, broader shoulders and are neon bright.  Females radiate the seasonal colors as well. The concentration of trophy fish in smaller waters gives fly anglers the opportunity to sight fish for memorable fish in the smaller waters.

As an added bonus, the biting bugs have normally subsided by late August and Labrador wildflowers and landscape are in their full summer splendor.

Our world these days can be a hectic, stressful place. Many fly anglers have learned the value in fishing quality waters during the brief time they have to give to their fly fishing passion. Should this time of our season work with your schedule, you’ll catch Labrador at her finest. And some nice savings as well.

Chip's August Brookie

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2 Responses to New Fly Fishing Package for 2012

  1. robin how are theshows goiny good luck with them your old freind trapper bill

  2. gjlamb says:

    Chip’s August fish… looks more like Artic char than brookie!

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