Newfie Joke

Many of you know that Newfies love to spin yarns and tell jokes, especially if they are the brunt of them.  So here’s a little story from the 2011 season:

A big-time rancher from Texas showed up last summer to fish with us.  At the dinner table on his second night, he asked Dougie, his guide for that day, where he lived.

“I gots me a little place down along the shore in Harbor Breton,” Doug replied.

The rancher asked, “Got any land with it?

“Yes, four or five acres, I suppose.”

The rancher leaned back in his chair, drew a breath and said “Son, I can wake up each morning, get in my pick-up at dawn, fire her up and come sun-down, I’ll still be on my own property.”

“Yes, b’y,” Doug smiled and slapped his thigh. “I used to have a truck just like that.”

With you? (or at you?)

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2 Responses to Newfie Joke

  1. robin thatwas a good joke well how was your seminars i hope you did well i sure what to come up this year ill be 65 in july im not gettiny anyyounger i want to catch a 7 or 8 pounder i got one i minn3 lbs 10 oz he was a buety well good luck later your old freind trapper bill

  2. Jan Puibello says:

    You captured it! Very funny!

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