Last Day – 2012

Today’s our last day in camp. The final week’s guests left this morning at 9:00 am. We’ll finish our closing chores this afternoon, pretty much a routine now, but hard work nonetheless. Tonight we’ll have a last meal together, hot roast beef sandwiches and french fries, we’ve been promised. Even perhaps a bite of ice cream for desert. Then the big Otter will fly in in the morning and take us out to town, back to our real lives in the real world. The new wifi system is still on so I’ll post these parting thoughts before that, too, is shut down for the season.

We had another fine summer in 2012. We suffered no injuries save Jan’s broken wrist, no illnesses, good fishing, informed and interesting guests, spectacular flora and berry crops, and bright, powerful fish. The weather tested us many weeks as the finicky Labrador climate can, but we successfully sailed through these tribulations as well. This season, more than most, will be remembered for the especially receptive guests, most of whom truly enjoyed all the offerings this wilderness so freely gives. Dinner and after-dinner conversations were about the fishing, of course, but more often than not about eagles and ospreys, weather and rainbows, northern lights, berries and mushrooms, caribou and wolves. So many guests enjoyed the challenge of the big brook trout and the new and varied methods required to fool them. We talked a lot about strategy and flies and how the clouds and sun affected the feeding behavior of the brookies. This summer was one of inquiry and hypotheses, successes and failures.

And threaded through these fishing experiences and conversations was a feeling of awe. So many anglers were fascinated with the newness of the character of the rivers up here. Two our most enchanted guests were Owen and Robert from Ireland. They came over for two weeks so they could fully emerse themselves in Labrador. Each day when they returned from their river adventures, their faces were alert and fascinated with their day on the water. It was the challenge that they adored, the different waters, various skill requirements and strikingly handsome brook trout. They could have been no more infatuated with each moment had they been eight-year-olds on a Christmas morning.

One of Robert’s Gifts

Owen Wins Grinning Contest

So thank you, Owen and Robert, for your inspiration. And thank you to each and every one of our guests for your patronage, your personalities and your good cheer. You are the reason we are here, on the Labrador, awaiting each summer every new face and all the familiar friends we’ve made through the years. Now get out on the rivers and have a wonderful fall season and beyond.

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