My mother used to say, “Don’t tell me you’re busy, sugar. Everybody’s busy, and they don’t need to hear it from you.” When your actions were pleasing, my elder southern females called you “honey”. When your deeds were questionable (but not outright naughty), they called you “sugar” – endearing, but not quite as sweet.

Point is, I guess we’re all busy and I for one haven’t stopped since I returned from Labrador in early September.  Hence, no posts here.  My busy-ness has taken me to Maine (Magalloway R.), Vermont (Victory Bog),  New Hampshire (Pemi R. for brood stock salmon), the Adirondacks (Bouquet R., Fourth and Fifth L. for LL salmon), and countless stops in between.  So you see, I’m not complaining about anything at all. Just happy to be back and settled into my desk, un-piling piles and trying to cull out what fishing stories need to be told.

And thar’s some good ‘uns.


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