2013! Sweet Sixteen

Kevin, Frances, Judy and Simon were aboard Gilles’ turbine otter when she dropped down onto crossroads lake last Saturday.  Ice remained in the coves, but the main lake was open.  She pulled up to a dock that had been somewhat abused by the winter’s ice and wind, but plenty sturdy to lash down the airplane.  Half the dock was covered in snow and the entire peninsula on which the camps sit was five feet deep in snow.  Boardwalks, water pipes and cabin porches were buried, so the four of them spent the entire first day digging out doorways and humping the 2000 pounds of cargo over mounds of snow.

Generator Shack and Field Beyond

Generator Shack and Field Beyond

Last year, our ten work days saw temperatures between 85 and 88 degrees F. The lake warmed to 65 degrees before our first guests arrived.  We feared for the fishing, but July brought rain and cooler weather. No problem with water temps this year. It snowed most of the day yesterday and highs have hovered around 40 degrees.

When I arrived three days after the first crew, the snow had melted to about three feet deep and the boardwalks were cleared. Camps are opened now with running water and firewood stacked on the porches. Our DeHavilland Beaver arrived yesterday and the boys put the boats and canoes in the water. Last minute tidying up now, ready for our first guests coming this Friday.

Sing on, sweet sixteen. Another summer in paradise.

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