Notes From Camp – Guest Week #1

“Cold enough to freeze ya!” Frances sputtered standing next to the wood stove. Same 6:00 am greeting every morning.  Thirty degrees this fifth morning of the summer of 2013. Where IS summer?!?

The water pipes froze overnight and ice slicked the rain puddles and quiet coves. But the sun was shining!  It has been raining, sleeting, hailing and spitting snow for the past week, tolerable until you factor in the four day blow we’ve had.  Winds have been steady at 20 – 30 mph with a few gusts that shook the dining lodge. At last nights dinner, breakers were hurling spray onto the front porch of the cook lodge.

Through this wintry summer’s week, guests have bundled up and faced the elements. JoAnne, long time friend and guest, brought her fishing buddy Mike this year and they have not missed a minute’s fishing despite the cold. JoAnne has been hooked fast to dozens of trophy brookies and last Saturday, enjoyed her ‘best day ever’ at TRL.

Simon Scoops JoAnne's Brookie on PJ's

Simon Scoops JoAnne’s Brookie on PJ’s

One of 'countless' brookies

In winter cap, JoAnne holds one of ‘countless’ Saturday brookies

Mike has been out on the lakes giving the lakers and pike fits. Yesterday afternoon he landed fifty plus fish in the afternoon, then dropped down to the rapids and took three brookies over five pounds.

Teeth Showing

Teeth Showing

Despite the wintry weather, there are encouraging signs that spring will arrive. Most of the snow banks have melted, the one gift from the wind and rain. Buds and tiny red cones have appeared on the spruce. Birds are nesting, one little couple in the boat house.  Smart they are, and dry as a bone. The tamaracks and willows are showing their leaves and catkins hang off the alders (sniff, sneeze).

In contrast, last year at this time, it was high summer and berries were beginning to ripen. We are at least four weeks behind the past two seasons, but probably only a couple behind the norm. All sixteen years’ springs have been unique, not unlike each jeweled brookie that our guests dance with in summer. Well, some years in ‘winter’, too!

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