Here Comes (or there goes) Another Year

Yes, one year come and gone from my personal allotment. Probably from yours, too. Years are moving faster, for sure. I suppose it’s up to each of us to make them sweeter. (As my mom used to say, ‘It’s your little red wagon and you’ll just have to pull it’.) Despite best efforts, that’s no guarantee, however. Challenges come along as they see fit. Some are just a nuisance, and we experienced folks have learned to bob and weave through that thicket.  Others come in hard and sudden. And ask what we’re made of.

For eighteen years, nurturing Three Rivers Lodge has been my aspiration. The Labrador journey has had its nuisance thickets, and land-mines, but it has brought me together with more fine folks than I could shake a stick at. And I hope all of you who have blessed my years – you river-loving, long rod waving, out-in-the-boonies kind of folks – enjoyed your 2014 thoroughly, and that each of you has great aspirations for 2015.

Winter Cones

Winter Cones

For 2015, I plan to spend the winter spreading the Labrador gospel, spend the spring knee deep in camp logistics (and in some favorite Maine rivers), and the summer with my fly fishing friends in our little corner of the great northern forest.



I will be at two Fly Fishing Shows in January. The Denver, CO Show on the 9th through 11th and the Marlborough, MA Show on the 16th through 18th. (Will miss the Somerset, NJ Show this year due to a mix-up with the Fly Fishing Show folks.)

Please come to one of these venues for a visit if you can.  It’s said that the shows are a lot the same from year to year, but they offer a fine escape from the winter blues and you’ll just never know what interesting experience/person you may bump into. (You can always bring a cup of hot, black decaf to my booth and shoot the bull for a spell!)

In between the chores and commitments, I’ll be scouting the woods of northern Vermont by day, sitting beside a wood fire by evening, planning in each moment just how to make the best of my little plot of Vermont acreage. And in all these sessions, be with my two companions, old Bear and spunky Sam, doing my darnedest to give them back even half the joy that they bring to my life.



So Happy New Year to you all. Let’s make this new one our best.

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1 Response to Here Comes (or there goes) Another Year

  1. John Beckerman (Comcast) says:

    Robin, I hope you are having a good winter and am sorry you won’t be coming to Somerset, since I was looking forward to seeing you. Harriet and I wish you and your family a very happy new year, and peace, health, happiness and prosperity in 2015. And of course, hugs to Bear and Sam! Sincerely, John

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