The Fly Fishing Show Season, 2016

In January, after the “calm” of the holiday season, the Fly Fishing Show circuit begins. The tour began with the Denver, CO show last weekend, and it went beautifully for patrons and exhibitors alike. (This weekend hosts no shows leaving us free to watch the “best” weekend in NFL competition).

Marlboro, MA is the next stop the weekend of January 22, 23 and 24. The next weekend, January 29, 20 and 31 finds the Show in Somerset, NJ.

For me, the best of the shows is meeting friends I have made through the nineteen years of hawking fly fishing trips to Labrador. In each show, we see dozens of former and prospective guests who have become far more than acquaintances over the years. In Denver, we signed up a dozen new prospects for the 2016 season, many of whom I had spoken with over at least a ten year period.

As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, for the fly angler, the shows offer an escape for the imagination into the warmer days when we will all be delighted by the seductive waters that we love. Shows offer new gear, old standards, good books, artists with their treasures, and folks like me who have, for one reason or another, taken fly fishing to the “professional” level. In all cases, you’ll find some interesting people and exciting conversations.

Look for this booth, and the talking face behind those glasses.

Look for this booth, and the talking face behind those glasses.

If you are interested in discovering Labrador, you’ll get no better opportunity to get all your questions discussed in detail, first hand. A jaunt to a wilderness destination can seem formidable and committing to such a trip comes with some trepidation. Let’s talk it through at the show!

Ol' Mr. Brookie says "COME TO THE SHOW"

Ol’ Mr. Brookie says “COME TO THE SHOW”

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