Season #19! (Beginning to feel like a good, long while)

FACEBOOK SCHMACEBOOK! We’re all lost in the ‘hand-held universe’! Yes, I’m lost guilty, too. Didn’t think it would happen. Ever! But as one of our past guests told me, “Social media is 95% of your exposure these days.” Seeing that this fellow’s created and sold three ‘start-up’ marketing firms, he got my attention. I caved. But as shame surely fades, I’m hopeful that some good will come of it.

Hence, fewer blog posts, more thumb-tapping at my I-phone.

Season Nineteen, and a different hat for each memorable year.

Season Nineteen, and a different hat for each memorable year.

Today it’s raining here in Labrador and I am moved to post a new entry. So moved not only by the dreary weather, but by the peaceful hour I spent yesterday reading through the TRL guest book, starting at the beginning. 1998 – no blogging, no social media, a scarce email here and there. Got me to thinking of the thousands of hand-written letters and notes I once scribbled, stamped and slipped through the mail slot. Couldn’t help noticing that our early guests used to write as well, and write beautifully of their observations and Labrador memories in the guest book. And in cursive, for god’s sake! (Now, they snap a pic and post on Facebook.) With each passing season, the entries became fewer and shorter. Last year, only five guests (out of 85) took on the bother.

Times, they are a-changin’, for sure. But I like to think of this fishing camp of ours as stuck in the “old days, olden ways”. Same sweet faces, same warm cabins, the same old generator humming in the back field. Even half our guests are returning friends. ‘Stuck in our old ways’ is a good feeling for me and our returning guests as well, I think – a source of contentment, perhaps even pride. This wilderness scoffs at modern invention and I think we’ve managed to find an suitable arrangement with both.

Scott, Kevin, JoAnne, Don, Rob, Charlie, and Dave, our 1st week’s guests, converged on the dock this past Friday. Our summer has begun with excited faces – hand-shakes with the newbies and dock hugs for our old friends. ‘Put your arms around me and just leave them there.’ (as Bill Morrissey sang) Weather was perfect for the first three days, but today the Labrador odds caught up with us. Supposed to rain the rest of the week, not near enough, however, to dampen TRL spirits.

“. . . geese in flight, and a dog’s bite. Signs that might be omens, say I’m going, going. . .”

I don’t put too much stock in omens, but this morning after the anglers were well on their way to the fishing holes, Frances, Judy and I were having a bite when we heard a rustling in the Tilt, the sitting room just off the dining lodge. We peeked around the doorway to see a goldeneye duck rattling around in the fireplace. The fire screen had her jailed to the front and the firebox to the rear. She frantically wing-whipped soot about the room as I swung open the side of the fire screen. She hopped out and into the wood box, then ran through the door that Judy held open, headed for the light. When the duck took flight for the water’s edge, Sam, my younger golden, leapt off the porch in full chase, hauling up just short of the lake’s edge as the frightened girl fluttered into the gray mist. (action to fast for pics, Facebook fans).

Minutes later, we heard a thunk on the window and swung open the door again. There on the deck sat a medium-sized bird that had sought entry into the Tilt through a closed window.

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

So Frances picked it up and wrapped it in a towel, and nested it then in an umbrella chair on the front porch. It spent a cozy hour there righting its double-vision, then flew away none the worse.

Nestled Birdie

Nestled Birdie

Not sure of it’s species, but it had a large beak not unlike a grosbeak of some sort. Perhaps some of you can identify the mystery guest.

Back to omens, we saved two of Labrador’s wild creatures in one ten minute span as camp begins. Can’t think of a better way to kick off the new season.

I hope to put a few entries here through the summer to keep those scattered few of you who still check in here a bit interested in our Labrador adventures. Might even file a fishing report or two.

But if we miss you here, check us out on Facebook!  🙂

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5 Responses to Season #19! (Beginning to feel like a good, long while)

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Robin

    The birds are hard to identify without seeing the chest, however you may consider the following 2 and check pics in the links. Looks like a sparrow, either swamp or American Tree.

    Swamp Sparrow

    American Tree Sparrow

    My thought is an American Tree Sparrow has followed an American Robin Reeve to Labrador for the summer.😂 Hope you have a great summer at TRL

    Thanks alot, Brian Squires

    On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 9:49 AM, Three Rivers Lodge wrote:

    > Robin Reeve posted: “FACEBOOK SCHMACEBOOK! We’re all lost in the > ‘hand-held universe’! Yes, I’m lost guilty, too. Didn’t think it would > happen. Ever! But as one of our past guests told me, “Social media is 95% > of your exposure these days.” Seeing that this fellow’s created an” >

    • Robin Reeve says:

      Hi Brian, that silly tree sparrow is not alone following me up to Labrador. He was joined by two hairy mutts and a long cloud of dust! Go easy on those salmon this summer. They have a life too, remember!

  2. Paul Conley says:

    Keep the posts coming. Appreciate the updates down here in the lower 48.

    • Robin Reeve says:

      Will do my best, Paul. Our wifi depends on a satellite that Xplornet has over-subscribed. When the kids get out of bed in the morning, we have insufficient band width to upload much more than a text message. But I’ll keep trying my best. Thanks for following.

  3. Jim Helring says:

    Robin please keep the blog going because some of us do NOT subscribe to Facebook nor do we intend to. Real privilege to be in camp the first week of July with the four girls, women actually ;my bad Carrol!!! Regardless they were expert fishers and didn’t whine even once about bugs etc. and caught a hell of a lot of fish. Great time had by all and I will always cherish my picture with all the women in camp that week. Pays to be single, charming, funny, handsome, educated and articulate!!! OK OK One out of five ain’t bad with apologies to Meatloaf. LOL

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