Earth, Wind and Firewood

If you’ve been following this blog a while, or have been to Labrador, or even have read much about the northlands, you know by now that the weather up there is legendary. That’s why we urge insist that all guests bring the best raingear and extra layers both top and bottom. That’s also why the camps have tight roofs overhead, wood stoves in every cabin, and a stack of firewood out back that is many rows deep and eight feet high.

Good thing, ’cause we needed all of the above during our blustery 20th summer in the bush.

Despite being the most weather-challenging summer of our existence and regardless of the record high water through the July and August weeks, we enjoyed another successful season. There were a few days that high winds kept us all at the woodstoves and cribbage boards. But with the guidance of the “boys” and Gilles’ brilliant piloting skills, many memorable days were spent on the water where we belong.

Gilles took us to some great fishing holes. . .


Where we caught some memorable brookies. . . .

28 incher!

We even ventured up to Arctic charr territory, where we camped . . .

Keep the zipper closed!!!

. . .and caught some doozies.

Double digit!!

And after each day’s adventure, Gilles brought us home, safely out of the gathering storms to the fireside.

Through a dim glass darkly

2017 makes three consecutive years where the Woods River system has graced us with beautiful, especially large Labrador Reds. This run has been a real treat for our fly angling guests.

And despite the cold and wind, regardless of the disappearing firewood stash, not withstanding the dripping rain jackets, we ended this summer as we have the previous nineteen – in a little piece of angling heaven, safely tucked in hinterlands.

Somewhere, under the rainbow

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1 Response to Earth, Wind and Firewood

  1. Charley Higbee says:

    Sweet. Sounds like a terrific time was had by all. Hope to be there again one day soon.

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