Our Commitment

Welcome to Camp

The partners and staff of Three Rivers Lodge are certain now that every angler who favors the long rod and who reveres cold water fisheries should experience Labrador. Wilderness fly fishing is our passion. We know that no other outfitter up this way is as committed to making your dreams and investment turn out the way you expect – the way you deserve. We’ll take you to incredible streams and rivers. We’ll strive every moment to keep you safe and comfortable in a sometimes inhospitable wilderness. We’ll cover all the bases that we can control. You’ll enjoy a week of great joy and adventure. And leave exhilarated – a new member of our family.

5 Responses to Our Commitment

  1. Robert J. Sawicki says:

    Thanks. Great photos, and equally important, great writing.
    Hope to come back someday.

  2. John P. Ferry says:

    My wife and I are looking forward to our trip in August! I can see you have a focus on attention io detail. This is the key to success. As a retired Chef I know this is what takes any endeavor, from nice to awesome. I’m sure your facility will more than meet out expectations! Great website,

  3. John Marsman says:

    Really looking forward Robin

    • John Marsman says:

      And I expect to be there in 3 weeks. I am pasionate like ricky. ^> 8 pound brookies…here I come.

  4. John Marsman says:

    ..and I was there and it was fabulous. Everyone was great.

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