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KeriAn returned to camp this past summer with a dual purpose – to spread her husband’s ashes in the last current he fished, and to catch a brook trout on his favorite fly – a deerhair mouse pattern that he … Continue reading

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Small Streams, Big Brook Trout, & Good Friends

In late July 2016, three good friends – all accomplished artists and fine fly anglers – arrived on the TRL dock for the expressed purpose of exploring as many small streams as a Labrador summer’s week would allow. Bob’s goal … Continue reading

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Earth, Wind and Firewood

If you’ve been following this blog a while, or have been to Labrador, or even have read much about the northlands, you know by now that the weather up there is legendary. That’s why we urge insist that all guests bring … Continue reading

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Updated: A New Season – A New Video

Well, I’ve heard from every one of the TRL gang and we’re all psyched for the start of our 20th summer in Labrador. I was on the phone with Frances yesterday planning for the coming season and we mostly rehashed stories from summers past and the many great people who lived them with us. These stories are who we are […]

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Netting (Assuming You So Desire) Your Trophy Brook Trout

  Yes, I am indeed a licensed Newfoundland and Labrador guide. And I have the papers to prove it. I do not guide our angling guests on the water very often, however. At Three Rivers Lodge, we have six highly … Continue reading

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In the Beginning,. . . and Now

At some point in their visit, most of our guests are curious about the beginnings of Three Rivers Lodge. Did we “discover” this Woods River? Was there ever another camp here? How did we ever find such a remote fishery? So here’s a … Continue reading

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Season #19! (Beginning to feel like a good, long while)

FACEBOOK SCHMACEBOOK! We’re all lost in the ‘hand-held universe’! Yes, I’m lost guilty, too. Didn’t think it would happen. Ever! But as one of our past guests told me, “Social media is 95% of your exposure these days.” Seeing that … Continue reading

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