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Updated: A New Season – A New Video

Well, I’ve heard from every one of the TRL gang and we’re all psyched for the start of our 20th summer in Labrador. I was on the phone with Frances yesterday planning for the coming season and we mostly rehashed stories from summers past and the many great people who lived them with us. These stories are who we are […]

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In the Beginning,. . . and Now

At some point in their visit, most of our guests are curious about the beginnings of Three Rivers Lodge. Did we “discover” this Woods River? Was there ever another camp here? How did we ever find such a remote fishery? So here’s a … Continue reading

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A Fly Angler’s First View of Labrador

Bill Dzilenski stepped off the turbine float plane and hoisted a large gear bag onto our newly renovated dock. In that bag was a strong fly rod and a good camera. And he spent the following seven days wielding both … Continue reading

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Rolling Through the 2014 Season

Yet another angling season in Labrador, our seventeenth, is well under way. After the past several summers with unusual weather (last year being our most trying), things are pretty normal here in Labrador west. Wind, of course, but no “three-day … Continue reading

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Camp Weeks 2, 3 and 4 – Weather!

To paraphrase Steppenwolf, ‘God damn the weather man!’ While many of you down in the States are sweltering under the summer heat and dodging thunderstorms, we are almost half way through our coldest summer in the past sixteen years. And … Continue reading

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Notes From Camp – Guest Week #1

“Cold enough to freeze ya!” Frances sputtered standing next to the wood stove. Same 6:00 am greeting every morning.  Thirty degrees this fifth morning of the summer of 2013. Where IS summer?!? The water pipes froze overnight and ice slicked … Continue reading

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Brook Trout Tagging Program

Four years ago, after persistent requests, Three Rivers Lodge agreed to host Provincial biologists on our waters to begin a three-year tagging program to study the movements, growth rate and vitality of our brook trout population. We did agree, but … Continue reading

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