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Updated: A New Season – A New Video

Well, I’ve heard from every one of the TRL gang and we’re all psyched for the start of our 20th summer in Labrador. I was on the phone with Frances yesterday planning for the coming season and we mostly rehashed stories from summers past and the many great people who lived them with us. These stories are who we are […]

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Netting (Assuming You So Desire) Your Trophy Brook Trout

  Yes, I am indeed a licensed Newfoundland and Labrador guide. And I have the papers to prove it. I do not guide our angling guests on the water very often, however. At Three Rivers Lodge, we have six highly … Continue reading

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The Fly Fishing Show Season, 2016

In January, after the “calm” of the holiday season, the Fly Fishing Show circuit begins. The tour began with the Denver, CO show last weekend, and it went beautifully for patrons and exhibitors alike. (This weekend hosts no shows leaving us … Continue reading

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A Fly Angler’s First View of Labrador

Bill Dzilenski stepped off the turbine float plane and hoisted a large gear bag onto our newly renovated dock. In that bag was a strong fly rod and a good camera. And he spent the following seven days wielding both … Continue reading

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Here Comes (or there goes) Another Year

Yes, one year come and gone from my personal allotment. Probably from yours, too. Years are moving faster, for sure. I suppose it’s up to each of us to make them sweeter. (As my mom used to say, ‘It’s your … Continue reading

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WIFI, or Not

The previous blog entry (re: the new boardwalk) was first written the end of June when camp was in full session.  But our WIFI was so spotty that the effort (and three subsequent ones) was lost when the service failed. … Continue reading

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Some Mid-Polar Vortex News

Spring is on the way! OK, maybe not next weekend.  But my hunch is that it will get here and bring with it mud,  black flies,  fiscal cliff row, green grass, open water, the Masters and escapes to pastoral places. All of … Continue reading

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